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What is ALCO Rewards?

  • ALCO Rewards is a totally free program for our preferred customers.
  • With the ALCO Rewards card, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.*
  • Once your balance reaches 100 points, you'll receive a coupon worth 2% or your total balance.
  • Become eligible for "Members Only" emails, with access to exclusive discounts, coupons, and sneak previews.

How does it work?

  • Scan your ALCO Rewards card each time you make a purchase.
  • Your points will be totaled automatically.
  • Your register receipt will display the total points earned from your previous visits.
  • Once your balance reaches 100 points or more, on your next visit your register receipt will print out a coupon equal to 2% of your total balance.
  • Points reset to zero once your coupon prints, and start adding up again!

How do I apply?

  • Apply at any ALCO Store by submitting a completed application form to your cashier.
  • Applications are available at the store register, or print yours here.
  • You will receive your ALCO Rewards card immediately from your cashier.

How do I check my point balance?

  • Keep track of your balance using the printed total at the bottom of every receipt.
  • Points earned will post within 24 hours; your printed balance does reflect the purchase you just made.
  • Point balances are not available online.

Additional Information
ALCO Rewards Applications (Aplicacion en Espanol)
ALCO Rewards Program FAQ
ALCO Rewards Terms & Conditions

* Excludes alcohol, tobacco, lottery, gift cards, pre-paid cards,licenses and fuel.

** We value your privacy and will NEVER give or sell any specific information about you to any outside sources. As an extra service to our valued customers, we can send you special offers and information that is customized based on your purchases. We may at times use an outside processing company as our agent to help print and send mailings. Beyond your name and address, these agents do not receive any personal information and are bound to strict confidentiality.

*** All coupons are the responsibility of the customer to keep, track and redeem. Coupons that are lost or destroyed may not be replaced. ALCO Stores, Inc. reserves the right to modify or terminate the ALCO Rewards program at any time and without notice.